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I Wish I Had…This Cardboard Birthday Party

(Image via On To Baby)

This kid has no idea how cool is parents are.  They threw him an entire cardboard-box-themed birthday party.  I swear, this party came straight from my baby fantasies.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom threw awesome birthday parties.  I actually had a professional moon bounce one year.  But you have no idea what I would have done for a cardboard playground.

(Image via On To Baby)

I think the main reason I love this birthday party idea so much (aside from the parents’ insanely masterful handiwork) is because it reminds me so much of my favorite show from Playhouse Disney.  Who didn’t love Out of the Box?  I can’t tell you how many times I cracked out my Crayolas and Elmer’s glue to follow along at arts and crafts time.

One day, I want to throw my kid a cool birthday party that will make all the neighborhood parents jealous.  When that day comes, all I can hope for is that my kid looks as awesome flying a cardboard plane (that baby’s not playing around…flying a plane is serious business).

See more photos of this cardboard birthday here (including bubble wrap hopscotch!).


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